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Shawarma Vegas
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מתן אלוקמתן אלוק
03:45 02 Oct 23
Moshe AzvelosMoshe Azvelos
02:33 29 Sep 23
Delicious and plentiful Israeli food.We received 10-star service from Hagai, a warm guy who makes sure no one goes hungryHighly recommended.
משה שימימשה שימי
19:43 28 Sep 23
A delicious and respectable, pampering breakfast was worth coming, I will come back to you againGood and efficient service
hadar meshulamhadar meshulam
02:50 27 Sep 23
The most fun in this whole place is to taste the taste of home!!!A stunning, helpful and pampering host!And most importantly, the food is delicious and clean!!Totally highly recommend!!!
Ben DBen D
01:17 27 Sep 23
Good, good people
Tareq BatshoneTareq Batshone
20:06 26 Sep 23
Excellent food and Guy is very hospitable!
שלי חבסובשלי חבסוב
03:42 26 Sep 23
20:32 24 Sep 23
Tehilla ElgrabliTehilla Elgrabli
01:06 20 Sep 23
Amazing shawarma, but the burger was even better! Friendly staff and everything was so fresh 10/10
פביאן גטניופביאן גטניו
22:08 19 Sep 23
Fresh and clean delicious food! The service is pleasant and inviting! warmly recommended
Estee MizrachiEstee Mizrachi
20:51 18 Sep 23
Best shwarma ever! I came here with my family and we had the most amazing experience. The service was exceptional, food was so tasty, and we had a wonderful time! Highly recommend!
Jaques ClapauchJaques Clapauch
20:41 18 Sep 23
Daniel TaylorDaniel Taylor
18:44 17 Sep 23
For the market Ride the best alcohol from Israel only at the Kosher market on fort Apache Thank you, shimi For bringing the arak.
Joseph WalkerJoseph Walker
16:01 17 Sep 23
I stumbled upon Shawarma Vegas, and it was a delightful surprise. Their dishes are a burst of flavor.
שחף תורגמןשחף תורגמן
21:16 15 Sep 23
Food and place wow
itamar dadashitamar dadash
03:40 12 Sep 23
Boaz BermanBoaz Berman
19:22 08 Sep 23
Israeli atmosphere with American class. Insanely delicious shawarma! And the schnitzel would also look f-n-kBest shawarma in the u.s soooooo good!!!!!
Yedaaya ZivanYedaaya Zivan
06:13 08 Sep 23
curtis maldonadocurtis maldonado
17:28 06 Sep 23
Food was phenomenal! Service was amazing, everything was tasty, but the food was delivered so I didnt see the atmosphere. HIGHLY recommend!
Dov AllalDov Allal
01:39 06 Sep 23
For having done several restaurants in Las Vegas, this is one of the best!! Excellent food. Too nice people! I recommend +++
Kristina SmithKristina Smith
02:58 31 Aug 23
The food? Delicious (so, so delicious) and plentiful. Especially the hummus-it was the smoothest hummus I've ever had. Oh, and the pita too! So light and flavorful.The service? Beyond friendly. We were made to feel at home the moment we walked thru the door. Guy was amazing. We will *absolutely* be back!
Henry Cigar EnthusiastHenry Cigar Enthusiast
18:50 25 Aug 23
Shawarma Vegas has the best shawarma Ive ever had! Having sampled lots of shawarma both in Canada and the US, I can confidently attest that the kosher ingredients used here are exceptionally fresh, Israeli culinary experience. The secret lies in the masterful blend of herbs and spices.I ordered the Hummus Shawarma plate, with warm, fluffy pita bread. The hummus, smooth as silk, boasted a rich and velvety texture that was nothing short of extraordinary. Its flavor profile was a delightful combination of creamy and savory, providing the perfect accompaniment to the star of the show – the shawarma.The shawarma itself was a masterpiece, a testament to the art of spice blending. Each bite was a burst of flavor, with tender, succulent turkey meat that practically melted in my mouth. The spices used were a harmonious medley, creating a depth of taste that left a lasting impression.I couldn't resist sharing it with my parents when they came to visit Vegas. Watching their faces light up as they savored each bite reaffirmed my belief in the exceptional quality of this place.We also ordered the kebab and rice plate. This dish was a testament to the chef's skill, as the kebabs were grilled to absolute perfection. The result was a medley of succulent, expertly cooked meats that tantalized our taste buds. The flavors were delicious, leaving us with a profound appreciation for the Israeli culinary craftsmanship at Shawarma Vegas.Guy, the proprietor of Shawarma Vegas, extended a warm and welcoming hospitality that truly enhanced our dining experience. His friendliness and accommodating nature added a personal touch to our visit, making us feel like valued guests.
21:37 26 Jun 23
Best Israeli food in Las Vegas hands down. It was our first time in and we were still treated like regulars!We had a tasting of just about the whole menu and I’d say the best item was the pita. it was light and fluffy and turned into a sturdy pocket for all of our toppings. All of the meats were amazing from the turkey shawarma to the beef kabob but the chicken thighs was really something to brag about. The falafel was amazing as well; crispy outside and warm soft inside. The hummus topped with onion and eggplant went great on top with the Israeli salad, cabbage, pickles, and babaganoush .Overall, I’d say it’s a must stop during your time in Vegas for some affordable food and service that’s better than most things you’ll find on or near the Strip!
Kay BayKay Bay
23:11 16 Apr 23
Order from here!! The food is great and they are sooo nice! I've been here on a kosher program for the holiday but my flight was cancelled and the airline couldn't book me another flight until tomorrow and had no idea what to do for food. I called and a gentleman answered... He said they were busy but would be happy to help me. Sent the food in a timely manner with absolutely everything I needed!! Thank you so much! May your restaurant have much success!!
18:45 23 Mar 23
We came to vacation in Vegas from Vancouver. And we heard do much about this place.Guy is so nice. Unreal. We went there 3 Times and it was absolutely amazing.Easy 5 stars.Highly recommended to everyone that loves Shawarma
Tim JensenTim Jensen
02:21 14 Sep 22
Ok, this place is amazing. Had the Shawarma pita. When they asked we what I wanted in it, I said, fill it up! I was the only person in the place not speaking Hebrew. Highly recommend if you want a taste of Israel.
Harold FederHarold Feder
01:18 31 Aug 22
We were in the area for a week, and we ate at Shwarma Vegas 3 times! The food is fresh & delicious, and we especially loved the Lafa's! It was authentic Israeli cuisine! 10/10 recommend!
John SanchezJohn Sanchez
19:03 27 Aug 22
This AZ is always stocked with all my car's needs. The staff is super friendly and helpful. And are ready to help you even do minor parts installs. However, if you buy a part from here and go to another Auto Zone they will not help you which does not make sense!
lynn grushkolynn grushko
02:27 26 Aug 22
Amazing food. The pita and falafel balls were so fresh, the staff very friendly and helpful. The food was just great. We enjoyed every bite and will be back!
Lauren AndradeLauren Andrade
17:02 24 Aug 22
Catering for an office event. For an office that has only one person who is Kosher, the food was enjoyable for everyone. Oren was very responsive and flexible. Food servings were generous and delicious!
LC DelcidLC Delcid
02:24 24 Aug 22
Kabob and Shawarma Pitas were DELICIOUS 😋 can't believe we hadn't tried this place before. Thank you for great service and food. We'll be seeing you again!!
Menechem SaposhMenechem Saposh
02:22 10 Aug 22
Very friendly easygoing atmosphere.For all those looking for an authentic Israeli experience,this is your place.The food is up to par with the atmosphere,an all around thoroughly enjoyable experience.
AJ MesalicAJ Mesalic
14:42 04 Aug 22
So good! I can't believe we haven't discovered this neighborhood gem before. The best tahini and pita bread in the USA. Everything is delicious.
Shlomi Ben ShimonShlomi Ben Shimon
21:39 27 Jul 22
Amazing food with good prices!More than recommended and not only for kosher eaters!Hummus is delicious and homemade, and the shawarma is perfect!
Patel NavedPatel Naved
21:16 03 Jul 22
Ok to start with , this is a hidden gem owned by hebrew folks and by god this is the best mediterranean cuisine I have tried . missing the sausage is a SIN and try the sharwarma using "laffa" their in house bread. If you crave for meditteranean and you are in Vegas then missing this place would be a regret...
Yehuda LahavYehuda Lahav
17:29 22 Jun 22
The place is great.Wonderful and tastefully food.Each dish is better than the other. Owner and all employees are so friendly, welcoming, want you to enjoy the food, and give more than expected.If you want something just ask, they're really great.The food is yummy, and yes - we will come again and again.
I was only in Vegas for one day on a business trip and was starving. I needed something quick and close and pulled in here because I love shawarma.Of the hundreds of shawarma places have been around this globe...this place is fantastic! The staff is great. The food is fresh and full of flavor! That first bite was an explosion of perfection.I will make this stop every time that I visit Vegas! You should too.
Ralph JRalph J
20:06 26 May 22
Fresh food, good service. The meal by the plate is nearly for 2 people. Good place to go, very Israeli like we can find over there.
Emma MyersEmma Myers
03:00 10 Apr 22
This place is so delicious and the employees are incredibly kind even when it’s really busy. We misunderstood what was included in our order and they were much more accommodating than they needed to be. The meat is delicious. All of the deli salads were good - especially the beets, and the baba ganoush. Plenty of food to eat for multiple meals. We will definitely be coming back.
Esther HezghianEsther Hezghian
08:46 06 Apr 22
Great food. Best costumers service!Beautiful setting. Can’t wait to go back.
Ido SimyoniIdo Simyoni
20:45 31 Mar 22
Nice Israeli shawarma place. I got shawarma plate which was better than most American places the serves shawarma but not the best (don’t get me wrong, it was good, but was not quite the way I like it). The limit you to up to five sides . To my surprise the hummus wasn’t great. Other salad were good.
Albert GAlbert G
21:51 01 Mar 22
Great for quick meal. Shawarma is great. Staff very courteous even though they were super busy.
00:05 28 Feb 22
This is a special place: the interior is warm and comfy with shelves of labeled spice jars on one wall, bookshelves full of books under the counter, a chalkboard menu and lots of seating options. The service was fantastic and very friendly, I ordered the shawarma pita and had the gentleman behind the counter do it up as he saw fit. It was stellar. The shwarma was rich in flavor and crisp, flavor and texture came together perfectly. The fillings for the pita were fresh and the pita itself was home made, fluffy with perfect texture. All in all a perfect experience. Get some!
Roger and Patty SmithRoger and Patty Smith
09:09 23 Feb 22
One of my favorite places in Vegas. We had the lafte (spelling?) with chicken/lamb. The one red homemade chunky sauce is one of the tastiest things I have ever eaten. They call the sauces/veggies salads that you place right on the bread. We chose the burrito style bread and it was very good, not dry at all. Thanks for a delicious meal!
Mimi PremoMimi Premo
21:37 18 Feb 22
Always amazing food. I especially love the Hebrew lending library and spices for sale as well.
April HagerApril Hager
00:33 06 Feb 22
This place does not disappoint!! Friendly staff and patrons helped navigate the unfamiliar menu. Huge delicious portions! My friend and I shared a plate and even had a little extra to take home. If I wasn’t from the east coast I’d here regularly!
Natalie AddesaNatalie Addesa
15:29 02 Feb 22
My friend wanted to try Israeli food. I am so glad we went! The plate portion was huge...the food was delicious! The fresh pita was to die for. With a plate you got to try 5 different salads. We loved the hummus, cabbage salad & tom/cucumbers.
Shea WernerShea Werner
20:54 25 Jan 22
Very good main courses, nice people.Would have liked the dips and fries to be made from scratch
Yosef RosenthalYosef Rosenthal
05:09 21 Jan 22
Amazing from and Amazing people. The flavors were authentic and fresh. The portions were plentiful. I'll be sure to go back next time I'm in Vegas
Rachel AbramsRachel Abrams
23:32 09 Jan 22
So delicious and a great find. They really put their heart and soul into the food and restaurant. Also super clean and fresh.
Lizabeth GamboaLizabeth Gamboa
06:11 03 Jan 22
I loved the food! Mexican first time trying Shawarmas! On top of that loved the whole Israeli vibe and all the Hebrew books!! I’m a Christian so I’m like obsessed with Israel! Praying for Jerusalem and the Jewish people! 🤍🇮🇱
Charmed AmnestyCharmed Amnesty
01:52 03 Jan 22
Amazing people and delicious flavors! Picked up an order tonight and they were so nice to me. Thank you guys 🙂
Elana BaerElana Baer
21:10 13 Dec 21
Delicious falafel. Everything is amazing here
M. BalabanM. Balaban
02:28 18 Oct 21
Ordered an Israeli salad for 8 dollars, Completely omitted from the order, charged not delivered.Ordered a falafel on baguette, got something wrapped in laffa bread (strange since they had no laffa chips...) That I am scared to eat, as I KNOW it probably isn't even falafel.Ordered Laffa chips with Zatar for 5 dollars, got a container of cold, white rice with Nine soggy sweet potato fries draped over it, and a note written on the container saying "sorry, all out of laffa chips, we hope this is okay, if not give us a call"OrderedIn what world would sweet potato fry musubi be okay? NOTHING in my order was right, and I'm never calling them, just getting a full refund through Uber Eats.As a Jew that had high hopes for the neighborhood Israeli Glatt spot, I am blown away with disappointment.Order from Layla Grill down the road instead, avoid this place at all costs.
Brandon BoisclairBrandon Boisclair
03:23 17 Oct 21
It was amazing. Meat was freshly cooked to perfection and service was top tier. Alot of fresh vegetables too awesome choice for after the gym!
Ronen YizhakiRonen Yizhaki
06:05 31 Aug 21
The Best Shawarma, would rate among the top 5 world wide and best I have experienced in USA. Quality, taste, service 5 stars. A few min drive from the strip and if you cannot get there a delivery is an option. Wishing that it would become available in more locations, it would be a huge success.
Avi SlutzkinAvi Slutzkin
01:56 09 Aug 21
Great Israeli/middle eastern restaurant!All the food is delicious, freshly made in-house including their world class piping hot pita and all the salads and dips and you can taste the freshness!The place was immaculate and theservice was cool and efficient!:)
Paula ChandlerPaula Chandler
20:10 02 Aug 21
I had the chicken shawarma plate. It tasted good, but it just looked different than any shawarma I ever had before and the rice was cold/congealed and was surprisingly expensive, I thought. $20 for the plate plus $2+ for a can of soda. The bread was fresh and warm and delicious.
00:04 29 Jul 21
Service was okay, but food was not and incredibly overpriced. $20 plus tax for Dry chicken shawarma plate. Small sides. Would not recommend. I’ve had much tastier Mediterranean food before for half the price and much fuller plates.
marlon schwarczmarlon schwarcz
23:10 12 Jul 21
One of the best places I have we went to.Glatt kosher and number one kosher place in America .Great service and friendly.Must try !!!
Steven PennerSteven Penner
18:45 14 Jun 21
This is some of the best food in Las Vegas. It seems like a family owned restaurant and the quality shows it. I can't say objectively if their food is traditional because I haven't got to experience the food in Israel, but what I can say is I haven't had anything like it. The shawarma wraps are the best I've ever had.
daniel deutschdaniel deutsch
00:34 07 Jun 21
Food is excellent. Quiet relaxed atmosphere. Staff are very on top of their game; responsive and the establishment is spotless.
Lana LatyukLana Latyuk
23:43 06 Jun 21
This place is amazing! The food was so delicious I had a pita shawarma, it didn’t fall apart, everything was so tasty and the Israeli salad and French fries are so yummy! Great place to eat! Super yummy!
Gabrielle SlutzkinGabrielle Slutzkin
20:37 27 Apr 21
Nice restaurant next to a little kosher Israeli grocery store. Well kept n nice choices. My shnitzel laffa was really good! Staff was friendly n helpful.
Helen BlankierHelen Blankier
11:58 12 Apr 21
Food was very fresh,clean and delicious.Very good service.That's the place to eat good and kosher food.
Solomon FeinsteinSolomon Feinstein
23:32 21 Mar 21
Hands down the best Middle Eastern/Israeli restaurant in the city of Las Vegas and the state of Nevada. Staff is always friendly and the food is always top notch. I can't tell whether I'm in a market in Jerusalem or in the suburbs of Las Vegas when I eat here. The food is that amazing and that authentically Israeli. If I could give this place more than 5 stars, I would.
Hannah SiegelHannah Siegel
04:10 18 Mar 21
Food was delicious, super fresh and lots of good options. I ordered schnitzel and French fries, they were both crispy and delicious! All meals come with tons of salads and sauces. Service at this restaurant is top-notch! Would recommend to anyone visiting Vegas for delicious and casual meals! (They have outdoor seating!)
Jack WheelerJack Wheeler
15:00 03 Mar 21
Great food,fast service. Very generous portions lots of great salads with every meal and a fair price. The best!
Maria RapoportMaria Rapoport
16:48 09 Feb 21
Best place ever. Feel like being at home. Cozy, family vibe. Food was beyond delicious. Would definitely come here again next time we are in Vegas.

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