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Kosher vegas 

When it comes to Kosher foods, it means suitable, proper, or pure for consumption and it is a word from the Hebrew language, Kasher.  The law that governs the kosher diet is from Torah and it is referred to as Kashrut.   The practical application for such law is passed down in oral tradition.  Kosher law includes all the information needed that outlines the right food to take and what is forbidden.   It also talks about how the food should be processed, produced, or prepared before eating. 

Categories of Kosher food 

 When it comes to kosher vegas diet guidelines, some food combinations are not allowed.  

For meat or fleishig it is good to choose from fowl and mammals with other products gotten from them such as broth and bones. 

Dairy or milchik include yogurt, butter, cheese, and milk. 

Pareve include other food that is not classified as dairy or meat such as plant-based food, eggs and fish. When it comes to kosher tradition, the food that is called meat, should not be eaten or served with the diary product. 

 The equipment and utensils that a person uses to clean or to process meat, it has to be kept at a side. This also includes the sink where they are cleaned.  When you eat meat, you need to wait a certain period so that you can consume dairy products.    The time to wait will depend from a custom to another, but most of the time it is one up to six hours. 

Pareve food is known as neutral and they will be eaten with dairy or meat.  However, if such foods is processed or prepared with the equipment that was used to process dairy or meat, then it will be classified as dairy or meat or becomes non Kosher. 

Examples of Kosher foods 

The most important with kosher vegas rules is how the animal should be killed or prepared.  For the meat to be allowed for food, it should be from a ruminant animal that has split or cloven hooves like deer, oxen, lambs, goats, sheep, and cows.  The cuts meat from kosher at forequarters of the ruminant animals can be taken. Domestic animals that are allowed to eat are turkey, dove, quail, geese, and chicken. A Shochet, a person who is trained and also certified to slaughter animals under Jewish law, should be the one to slaughter the animal.  The meat has to spend time in the water to remove all blood before cooking. Any items needed to prepare or to cook the animal, it has to be considered kosher. For fish, the kosher food should come from fish that has scales and fins like mackerel, halibut, salmon, and tuna. 

Forbidden food with kosher 

Meat that should not be eaten is the meat from horses, kangaroos, camels, squirrels, rabbits, and pigs.  Scavenger or predator birds like hawks, gulls, owls, and eagles are not allowed to be eaten.    Any meat that came from shank, round, sirloin, short loin, and flank of beet is no-kosher. 

For milk and milk products, the foods should be from Kosher animals.  The milk should not be mixed with any meat derivatives like rennet and gelatin. 



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