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Mediterranean Restaurant in Las Vegas

Welcome to the best-rated Mediterranean restaurant in Las Vegas—Shawarma Vegas. We are a Glatt Kosher restaurant in Las Vegas specializing in Mediterranean and Israeli dishes. If you’ve been trying to locate a Las Vegas restaurant offering the best of Mediterranean-inspired dishes, then you have arrived at the right place. Shawarma Vegas is among the top-rated Mediterranean restaurants in the USA, and for good reason.

Our restaurant is top of the line when it comes to healthy eating, with a wide range of awesome Mediterranean dishes that not only delight your pallet but also contribute to your body’s well-being.

Healthy Salads

The best thing with Mediterranean dishes is their high nutritional value. Unlike many of the foods available in the market today, most of which are genetically modified, Mediterranean dishes are fresh and healthy. Shawarma Vegas offers you a healthy vegetable salad to go with your meal of choice, thus, not only satisfying your appetite but also keeping your body healthy and free from diseases. Visit our Las Vegas Mediterranean restaurant today and get to choose from a wide variety of fruit and vegetable salads that will boost your overall immunity.

Mouth-Watering Appetizers

What’s more? You get to choose your favorite appetizers and small plates to get your taste glands juicy as you await the main course. We have a wide variety of options to choose from to meet your desired style. Once you have tasted our specially-prepared Falafel balls, you will never want to eat elsewhere. Shortly after the mouth-watering appetizers, our staff will serve you with your Mediterranean dish of choice, which is all home-made and fresh to the core.

Full-Course Mediterranean Dishes

Our Mediterranean restaurant in Las Vegas offers a wide range of exquisite Mediterranean-inspired dishes, giving you many options for healthy mouth-watering dishes to choose from. Thanks to our many available choices, you can mix up the different cuisines to come up with a custom dish that you will love to try with your friends. Visit our Las Vegas Mediterranean restaurant today, and get to enjoy some of the best dishes from the Mediterranean region.

We also provide home deliveries, so if you live in Las Vegas or the surrounding areas, you can order your preferred meal from our restaurant and we will deliver to your doorstep.

World-Acclaimed Chefs

There is nothing like a great meal from a poor chef. That is why Shawarma Vegas only hires the most qualified chefs to work at our restaurants. Our chefs are world-acclaimed and are knowledgeable in preparing different kinds of dishes from all over the world. Some of our chefs have worked in some of the largest restaurants in the USA; thus, you can be sure that your meals have been prepared by the best hands in the field.


Nothing beats a Mediterranean dish when it comes to healthy diets. Shawarma Vegas is the best Mediterranean restaurant in Las Vegas providing some of the most delicious dishes and cuisine from the Mediterranean region. Visit us today for a chance to partake of our top-quality dishes.


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